Our Process

Welcome to the evolution of our garage. We designed, built, tested, destroyed, and rebuilt to end up where we are today. 660’s are crafted by the hands that built rock and roll, using all American aircraft aluminum, carbon fiber, and 100% USA parts and labor. Each model is tone-tested against the best wood guitars in the world. 660 Guitars: Introducing an indestructible new sound.

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It starts with design

There are things on these guitars that haven’t been done before. We stretch the boundaries of what fretted instruments should look and sound like.

Source the aluminum

Each 660 body starts out as a 40-pound slab of aircraft grade aluminum. When we’re finished, it weighs about 3lbs, a blend of strength and playability. We source the materials ourselves, using all our favorite gear.

Cut the body

Each 660 model features a unique array of cut-outs, for both weight relief and design. We consider weight, cavity size, tone, resonance, etc, to find the right balance.


Each 660 is outfitted with a solid graphic/carbon fiber neck and a powder coated finish making our guitars highly resilient to wear.


We personally choose and hand assemble every 660 part ourselves based on its origin. These are guitars we’re proud to call our own.


A complete fret dress and recrown are standard practice for our in-house team. We don’t ship until we’ve played them ourselves.

Our garage to your stage